Wildflowers in the Fitzgerald River NP

Hakea Victoria
Fringe LillyKangaroo PawPurple Enamel OrchidQuaalup Bell


The Fitzgerald River National Park is one of Australia's most botanically significant Parks, You find  20 per cent of Western Australia Wildflowers here

This area is a must see destination if you want to see WA  wildflowers at its best, many visitors comment that they experienced the best flora display here.

Don't miss our botanical signposted Nature Walk.

So far, more than 1800 species have been identified, 75 of which are found now where else, for example the Hakea Victoria or the Qualup Bell, which was actually named after the Quaalup Homestead. There are Banksias, Grevilleas, Coneflowers, Conothamnus, Orchids and numerous other wildflowers and plants to be found in the Park and all around Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat.

Due to climatic changes and other factors during millions of years, like lateralization and low nutrient levels of the soil, as well as the establishment of a Mediterranean climate with seasonal rainfall ( wet winters and dry summers), a very special flora developed here.

A number of landscapes can be recognised throughout the Park, from Upland Plain to Marine Plain and Coastal Heathland, with flora of bewildering variety of form, colour and flowering time.

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